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Women who know, know that collaborations are powerful ways to build relationships, serve a greater audience, and increase your brand’s exposure.

Natalie Lin is such a woman.

She’s the founder and artistic director of the Houston-based orchestra group Kinetic—a conductorless ensemble.

So how do you let your community know about an upcoming event? You collaborate with other artisans and host a pop-up market at a socially conscious coffee shop and do a free concert.

This event was a win for all involved. I bought the best smelling candle ever from Kathrine Zerene and a bourbon, cherry, pecan granola mixture that was absolutely delectable from Gray Gardens. At the end of the concert, Kinetic’s tip jar was overflowing with twenty dollar bills and the coffee shop received 15 percent of all sales from the pop-up market.

Should you consider a collaborating with another business?


You could go it alone but collaborative partnerships are a way to share the risks and the successes and experience growth.

Just know that collaborating with the right people is what makes all the difference! (Sometimes collaborations can go horribly wrong. But not in this instance!)

Enjoy this video from the pop-up market and if you’re in the Houston area, be sure to check out Kinetic! You’ll enjoy the energy and style of music!


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