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I Am Proverbs 31: That Doesn’t Make Me a B!&@h Either

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More than a few women have been villainized and labeled the “B” word because of their strong personality and confidence. Men, however, don’t receive such a label for their confidence and drive.

The definition of that word in its slang use often refers to someone (typically a woman) who is belligerent, unreasonable, rudely intrusive or aggressive. As Christians, belligerent, rude … Read more...

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It Only Matters If You Know It’s Good

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I hear a lot of people, women in particular waffle between do I promote myself or should I “let my gift make room for me?” These women lack the confidence to articulate their strengths in the marketplace and thereby lose potential revenue.

I used to be one of those women. Key words…used to. I discovered that the closed mouth doesn’t … Read more...

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