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In the west especially, we live in a maintenance culture. In the UK where I currently live, with the seasons changing there’s likely to be the flurry of visits to the DIY stores to decorate the house, new rooms or overhaul the garden. For the men, there is the constant maintenance of their cars…buffing the tyres and the shining body work. In fact, we are all required by law to give our cars an annual MOT!

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that whether it’s maintenance of the house or car there is some considerable effort and cost involved, but still this refresh makes us feel good.

So here’s my question. When it comes to maintaining ourselves—which in my opinion is the most important maintenance that should happen—why d0 we consider the effort and cost of self-care an expense? Why do we feel guilty about that sort of spending? Why don’t we rather consider it an investment in our personal development and well-being?

It’s a well known fact that when we look good, we feel good.  Just as we feel good about our redecorated houses or buffed up cars…this spring why not give yourself a ‘spring clean’ and MOT? What better time than now for something fresh? Why not try something different?

Here are a few things you could consider.

spring clean

  • Finding out the colours/clothe styles that suit you best. This will help you effectively update your spring wardrobe to something that’s stylish and makes you radiate and glow.spring clean
  • Take up some regular exercise. Join a gym or work with a trainer perhaps. (Did you know it’s National Fitness month?)
  • Adopt new eating habits. Perhaps consider eating more fruits & vegetables or try a new recipe.
  • Review your wardrobe. If it no longer fits, if it’s damaged beyond repair, if it doesn’t make you happy, perhaps it’s time to de-clutter.spring clean
  • Update your make-up regime. Visit a make-up counter and have an update. In some stores you can actually do this for free!
  • Update your hairstyle. Work with your hairdresser to choose a different style this season that makes you look ‘the bomb!’
  • Go on a spa-break or retreat to re-energise yourself.

These are just a few ideas, and I’m sure you’ll come up with many more of your own. I hope you will share them in the comment section for the benefit of others.

Never consider money spent on yourself an expense. It’s a much needed and dare I say often long overdue investment in a most valuable creation. YOU!

Till next time – Blessings!

RabunaStylist with Love Xx


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