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Easier Said Than Done

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It’s so easy to spout affirmations and proclaim promises when things are going well.

It’s when things aren’t going so well is where the struggle lies.

It’s when you’re rehearsing your past and entertaining thoughts that include the words “always” and “never.”

Here’s a quick video to encourage you.

I promise, #ThisWomanKnows it’s easier said than done.


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One Of Those Days

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Have you ever woke up mad?

Your mood is foul.

You’re irritable.

You snap at your spouse. You snap at the dog. You snap at the kids.

You loathe your reflection in the mirror and beat yourself up for not being smaller, bigger, taller, shorter.

It’s one of those days and everything is wrong with everything and everybody—especially YOU.

You …

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Check Here For Fear Too

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Yesterday, I shared where fear thrives—it’s preferred breeding ground if you will. If you missed that post, you can catch up here.

Today I want share a second environment where fear thrives in abundance.

It’s called the …


Nothing aids to the spread of fear’s growth like the unknown. Fear loves it when we choose to stay unaware.

Let’s take …

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Where Fear Thrives

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Think of fear as a disease that spreads.

See it as a cancer that morphs and unpacks other illnesses within you.

Just like cold and flu germs have places where they thrive—water facets, door handles, and shared work telephones—fear also has a breeding ground. You know places where it can multiply and spread quickly.

So where are these two places …

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