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I’m certain one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is that you need people.

You need people who will say yes and people who will say no; they all serve a purpose.

If you’re in the business of empire building, building a family or even building a career, you need people.

The “Lone Ranger” approach to success is laughable now that I think about it.

And as much as some would like to say that “no man can validate me,” you do need validation.

Here’s what I mean. Whether it be from customers, your kids (the Proverbs 31 woman was validated by her kids…they rise up and call her blessed is how that scripture goes), or from experts in your field…outside validation is required for growth and expansion. If customers don’t validate your product or service through sales, you won’t be in business very long.

That’s what certifications are for—they verify you know what you say you know and are qualified to move in a certain area. Think Microsoft certifications or real estate experts or plumbers. They have all been certified, they’ve been tested and validated as knowledgeable in their respective fields and can confidently be let loose in the community to serve.

We need someone who will authenticate us as the real deal and present us to the larger community in which we hope to serve.

Would you let an uncertified electrician or plumber work on your home?

Via YouTube

Via YouTube

A recent blog post I read said that most bloggers went after growth the wrong way. It’s not about creating great content and heavily promoting it; it’s about connecting with bloggers with larger communities and authentically connecting with them so they can validate you and promote you a larger community.

This ties in with recent post I wrote about your big break. You can read it here.

Even achievement awards from reputable organizations validate you and introduce you to a larger community and say you are fit to serve.

The groundwork you lay now, the lessons you learn now, the things you create now prepare you for your certification test. God’s validation of you allows you to build and do and lay foundation. Then at the right time, your skills and abilities are tested and validated (how and by who is yet to be determined) and you’re introduced to a larger community fully prepared to serve.


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