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I’ve been looking around lately.

I’m very much aware that there’s a lot of life happening currently outside of my comfort zone.

Now that I think about it, my comfort zone hasn’t been all that comforting so I’ve been looking around.

I’m looking at what’s possible and starting to dream again.


Because the truth is we can all get stuck. Stuck in mindsets, philosophies, anger, resentment and the last two are especially not good for you.

This  new way of thinking and reevaluation could be because I’m a woman firmly planted in middle age but I needed a jolt to my reality.

There were things I stopped doing that I rather enjoyed and I need to start doing them again.

One of the most freeing things was realizing that if it’s not my circus, then those are not my monkeys.

I made a conscious decision not to spend any more precious time or energy on a circus I’m not called to. Trust me, there are other more fruitful and productive areas where my time and energy can be better spent. So that’s where I’m headed…away from madness and onto a place designed for me.

And that means looking around and seeing what’s possible. It means doing new things.

I encourage you today to look around and see what’s out there!


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