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This blog post does not have any new information to share.

But before you click away let me simply remind you of a great truth you already know.

There is power in writing things down. You write the vision and make it plain. Believe me, miracles happen when you track things on paper (or on a spreadsheet or in your journal). Waistlines trim down and money appears seemingly out of nowhere.

If you’re already writing and tracking…keep up the most excellent work!

We humans seem to always give ourselves the benefit of the doubt when it comes to recollecting how much we ate in a day or how much we spend on lattes every month.

But when these things are tracked…when they’re written down…honestly and accurately…there’s no hiding from the truth. You ate what you ate and spent what you spent.


It’s an accountability partner like no other.

After the initial shock of realizing just how much sodium is in a single piece of  fried chicken from your favorite fast food restaurant and the staggering number of calories in a single crispy, golden-brown fried chicken wing, you start looking for ways to make changes.

When I started tracking sodium intake I was surprised and appalled! Certain foods got axed immediately and I started looking for ways to make a difference in reducing my sodium intake.

And that’s what tracking and writing things down is supposed to do…initiate change.

When you realize that your retail therapy days equal an extra mortgage payment at the end of the year that could reduce your principal, it causes you to rethink some things.

So before the holidays sneak upon you with all their rich delicacies and the pressure to buy gifts for everyone you know, commit to writing it all down and tracking it and see if there’s room in the budget and daily calorie allowance for all the extras the holidays are sure to bring.



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