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Sometimes the negative self talk you encounter isn’t even talk that originated from you.

Sometimes you battle with the stupid, hurtful stuff people said that somehow penetrated your psyche and those words implanted themselves into your very being.

So now the throwed-off thoughts you think aren’t even yours and you struggle with what you’ve heard is possible.

Oftentimes these careless words were planted by a friend, a family member maybe even a spouse.

My prayer for you today is that you think the thoughts the Creator thinks about you.

That you get free of other people’s opinions and live your life to the fullest. Live life out loud and unapolgetically.

I pray that you live your life out from under the shadows of what they say and how they think your story should play out.

Be encouraged.

What the Father says is the only thing that matters and I pray that you accept that as your personal truth and walk wholeheartedly in it. That you practice silencing the inner dialogue  that says otherwise.

You can do it.



  • Megan says:

    Ah girlfriend! THIS! I grew up in a church where they viewed women as unable to do certain acts ministry and service. I was young – late teens, early 20’s. It was such a crucial time in my psychological development and it did some damage. While a part of me screamed inside that these views could not be right, I was conflicted because they were the leaders. I have since stood out from under that and stand firm on the truth of God and His calling on my life and the value HE places on me. There are still remnants of those incorrect views in me though. Sometimes I doubt and hear their voices. I am thankful God’s voice is louder though!

    • Megan, I taught a message that God was a lot like mom on Mother’s Day. This beautiful woman came up to me and thanked me for the word. She grew up listening to the same kind of speech you and I did and it impacted her greatly. She said she needed the reminder that God has mom-like qualities too. It affirmed her womanhood. Thanks for stopping by the site and sharing! Keep teaching!

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