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As women gain more opportunities in the marketplace and the workplace, more conferences are being launched to support them in their personal, spiritual and business lives. This Woman Knows (TWK) is proud to present 10 women’s conferences that will keep your personal evolution moving forward. This list contains conferences that focus on spirituality, business and the total woman. We’ve even included a pricing guide for you.

With technology’s advancement, you don’t always have to pack your bags and catch a flight or hit the road to attend great conferences. Virtual conferences are becoming quite popular. BizTech Women’s Conference hosted by Genia Stevens is held on Periscope and Women Deliver — a global conference on the health and rights of girls and women — will feature eight hours of content online.

Is there a conference you feel should be on our list? Leave us a message and a link in the comment section and we’ll be sure to check it out!

    1. Leadership for Women $$, October, Detroit – Hosted by ReeJade Richmond. Leadership for Women is a one-day summit designed for women who want to be E.P.I.C. (Empowered, Powerful, Intellectual, Committed) #LeadHers. Guests will engage in the exchange of new ideas and insights in a learning environment. Doing so champions and fosters the advancement of women in personal, entrepreneurial and corporate leadership roles. The keynotes and breakout sessions will address how to identify with and communicate what you want personally and professionally, how to live empowered, as well as best practices for women in positions of leadership.
    2. Hello Fear – $, July, Houston – Hosted by Tyonne A. Boyd-Godfrey. Tyonne has created a conference for women of all walks to identify their fears and embrace greatness in a safe and collaborative environment. This is no ordinary church women’s conference! Conference goers will hear from visionary speakers that focus on the whole woman and have networking opportunities.
    3. Power Your Way Forward Women’s Conference – $ – $$, July, Dallas – Hosted by Star Williams. This conference strives to push women in the direction of reaching the next level of success and achieving their personal and professional goals.
    4. Metamorphosis Conference – $, March, Houston. Hosted by Mia Wright. For over a decade, Metamorphosis Conference has positively impacted the lives of thousands of women. Through a unique blend of ministry, personal enrichment and outreach, women are presented an inspirational experience and opportunity to access the tools needed to transform their lives! Our mantra is spiritual empowerment coupled with practical application. We are dedicated to the improvement of women’s lives globally.
    5. The Conferences for Women – $$$ – October through December. The annual Pennsylvania Conference for Women, Texas Conference for Women, and Massachusetts Conference for Women are among the largest women’s conferences in the United States. These non-profit, non-partisan events feature inspirational: keynote speakers, skill-building breakout sessions focused on personal and professional development, and incredible opportunities for networking and business development. With sessions ranging from personal finance to health and wellness to career advancement, these unique conferences offer something for everyone.
    6. Be Your Own Hero Conference  $ – $$, June, San Francisco. Hosted by yetiZen and Girls In Tech. Brings together successful women who have done this for themselves. This organization hopes to inspire other women to find their own unique and meaningful method to overcoming the boulders in their paths.
    7. Women’s Conference of Florida – $$ – $$$, May, Tampa. The Women’s Conference of Florida will offer speakers that are representative of the diversity that makes up the state, as well as provide expertise about today’s leading industries. The conference will offer women of all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles a platform to learn how to combine their singular voices into one strong, collective voice.
    8. California Women’s Conference$$ – $$$, October, Long Beach. The California Women’s Conference is a 2-day event with some of the world’s top speakers, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders. It’s an event that is designed to inspire and connect you with other empowering women who are making great change in the world. It takes place once every two years! Reserve your seat now and connect your journey with women who are making moves around the globe.
    9. Designed for Life $$- $$$, October, Missouri. Hosted by Debbie Lindell. Designed for Life carries a message to remind you that God loves you and you are beautifully and magnificently designed for an incredible purpose on this earth! A gathering of thousands women from around the world, of all ages, backgrounds and from every season of life. Daughters, sisters, aunties, moms and grandmas… come together to be inspired and empowered to be a significant influence for change in their homes, their communities and their nations!
    10. Inc. Women’s Summit$$$, November, New York. Join some of the world’s most influential entrepreneurs at the Inc. Women’s Summit, where you’ll connect with other business owners, hear inspirational stories, and learn valuable tactics you can use in your own company. You don’t want to miss out on this transformative, one-day event.

$ – Registration is $75 or less
$$ – Registration is $76 to $149
$$$ – Registration is $150+



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