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Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you exhausted or just not entirely there with your life? Is life overwhelming and you just can’t get up in the morning? On the outside everyone thinks you are fine? Yet inside you can barely keep it together?

You could be suffering from burnout. A time in life where you are pretending everything is OK, but deep down you are feeling overwhelmed, tried and even depressed. Believe it or not, this time is a great blessing. The Universe is asking us to take a pause and rest, so that we may see a bigger picture and to get back in touch with our soul.

Ten years ago I had it all. The so called perfect life that I had been conditioned to believe was the meaning of success. Working with a large corporate company, I had been promoted and was climbing the corporate ladder. I was wining and dining and traveling the world in corporate first class bliss. I was married to a great man and although we didn’t have children, we began to plan for them. I had a beautiful apartment, complete with underground parking and a cleaning lady. There was no ironing for me. I was simply too busy. Too busy even for my soul. Yet with all this outer success, at night I was crying in my bathtub looking as pitiful as the Death of Marat. I was having a deep inner crisis. Little did I know, that I was suffering from burnout.

Success was a double edged sword. With it, came the stress of ten to twelve hour days, unrealistic deadlines and finding myself sitting in a cubical, marketing products I didn’t believe in. Something inside was slowly gnawing at me and eventually my body gave me a wake up call –  so loud that I couldn’t ignore it. I began to burn out. My body, mind and soul crashed – literally. I became very ill and found myself unable to get out of bed. Everything became a chore and all I wanted was to fall asleep and at times I even wanted to end my life. Despite my outer success, everything seemed purposeless. I began to fear I had chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia and all sorts of possible cancers. I never even considered the idea that I was suffering from burnout. I was living within a fear base mentality. I began to drown out my depression with red wine and cigarettes, spawning a spiral down into a deep dark hole and losing everything. (Another story for another time).

After a year of seeing doctors who could only prescribe me Prozac, I said enough! I decided to take things to another level. I took a year long sabbatical. Part of my healing process began when I visited a Shaman (Ross Heaven*) in the UK, who has written many books on soul retrieval. I began devouring them up like chocolate cake. He cleared my energy field, but most importantly, he gave me a book that helped me to see that I wasn’t alone and that this was all part of the journey. I slowly became alive again and began to see life with a new set of lenses. I was also given a very special gift. I discovered my true purpose in life – to write and share my stories with others, so that they could also see that they aren’t alone.

If your life seems difficult and heavy, and think you may be experiencing some kind of burnout, try to see this as a blessing. God is sending a powerful message to you. Something is out of alignment and your higher Self is asking you to start a deep inner search for peace. You may not be able to take a year off, or visit a shaman, but you can start with small things that will make a huge impact.

  • Know that you are not alone. With the pressures of society and becoming successful, it’s no wonder that we are as a society “tired.”
  • Take a time out. Even if you think you don’t have time you do. Take moments in your day and pause. Even a minute with a cup of green tea will help to relax you. Breathe and know that everything will be OK.
  • Ask God for help. The key here is to not only ask, but to be open enough to receive. The answer may come in unexpected ways.
  • Read the book – “The Joy of Burnout” By Dina Glouberman This book helped me to see that I didn’t have a medical condition, but a spiritual one.
  • Don’t take a holiday. Vacations in themselves are stressful. Rather, take time out in your own environment and turn off all your devices. You are on holiday at home.

*Ross Heaven has written numerous books that involve soul retrieval. Among them are The Journey To You and Spirit in the City.

**I do recommend that always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.


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