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There are times in your life when things are going well.

You’re slaying dragons and conquering demons and then out of nowhere, life happens.

You may begin to question your own sanity, your purpose, and inevitably you start in on all those why questions.

“Why me?”

“Why now?”

“Why am I going through this again?”

In these moments, when it all seems dark and hopeless, and you’re tired and frustrated and cranky and your eyes are red from the rivers of tears you’ve cried and your nose is all stopped up…you look for reassurances.

You pray.

You read.

You meditate.

You call your trusted circle of friends and sisters in search of insight and comforting words.

You want to know that you’ll be okay and that “this too will pass.”

And of course, you pray some more.

When I call one of my sister-friends, she always asks me to remember how things worked out the last time. She’ll start recalling instances of when I was frazzled and how prayers got answered (sometimes really quickly) and I was able to shift and pivot back to being my regular ole powerful self.

She does this every time I make one of these phone calls.

So I decided to write myself an SOS letter—for the next emergency or crisis that shows up.

I wrote it when my mind was sound, my heart was full of gratitude, and I could see and hear clearly for myself.

In the letter, I encouraged myself. I recalled all the instances in the past that had worked out in my favor. I listed things that only God and I knew about and how prayers were answered and next steps revealed.

I wrote the letter so, in those moments of sheer nuttiness, I could shift from fear to faith and use my own words to do so. I could remind myself that I’ve been through tough times before and had lived to tell about it.

I wrote the letter so I could go through the moment with ease and grace and a true sense of gratitude.

I wrote the letter to remind myself to trust that everything works out and to learn the lesson so I wouldn’t have to repeat it again.

I wrote the letter so I could shift quickly.

My SOS letter is signed, dated, sealed and tucked away for when I need it.

I’ve learned that sometimes the best minister for a situation is you.

We have the ability to speak life and encourage ourselves in those crazy moments.

I’ve learned that in those moments, it’s good to hear from the you that’s confident, healed and clear especially when everything seems so confusing.

In those moments, God can absolutely use you to be your own solution and deliverer.


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