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The future is going to bring challenges we have never seen before, in a whole new world we have never experienced. Professionals and students alike will need to discover their super skills now to future proof their careers.  Individuals and organizations will need to discover their unique value propositions, and how to apply these to succeed in business and life.

In this four-track self-paced online course, students will take a deep dive into how to succeed in business, identify their leadership style and understand the differences between how men and women lead. Participants will plan their goals, identify and map out a path to their future vision, and design a personal work-life balance plan. Students will create a professional value proposition answering the most important question: What makes them, their contributions and what they do unique? Identify what stands in the way of their success, look at mindsets and beliefs that are limiting their way forward. Participants can then apply these insights to successfully communicate and ask for money, as well as connect and negotiate with clients, partners, and vendors.

“There’s never been a skill more important today than knowing how to pitch – because everyone wants to know what makes you or your organization different!” shares Beate Chelette, course creator, Growth Architect, founder of the Women’s Code, and one of the 50 must-follow women entrepreneurs by the HuffPost. “To stand out from the competition and to get access to hot job opportunities you need to know how to pitch your, and your organization’s super skills. There’s only one thing that sets you apart from the competition, makes you future-proof, and that is how you present your skills as timely and relevant.”

This hands-on, practical course addresses challenges faced by team members and leaders, either as entrepreneurs or in their careers. The self-paced course is comprised of four modules that are each 35 to 45 minutes long. The fifth module, the Accountability Track is 20 minutes long. Six online and live mastermind group meetings are offered alongside the course, that are designed to guide and empower participants to identify their Super Skill, create their Professional Value Proposition, and learn how to pitch ideas to their boss or clients. Don’t miss out on this game-changing opportunity.

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