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Writer, Film Producer Share Stories of Women Empowerment in Jordan

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Two women I know, one is a dear friend, the other is a new acquaintance both just got back from the Middle East—Jordan to be exact. And even though these two women don’t know each other, their accounts of the region are very similar. Especially when speaking about the women of the region including Syrian “guests” living in Jordan. Jordanians … Read more...

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Misdirected Hustle and the Blessing of Obedience [Video]

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When I say the word, “Hustle” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

This word means different things to different people and for many, the word leaves a bad taste in their mouth and insults their faith.

Hustle then becomes something you do to make something happen. Or it’s what happens to someone who promises everything and delivers … Read more...

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The Whole Woman Summit is Set for March 2017

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We’re not ready to name drop yet but Kerry Connelly—Christian writer, speaker and coach— and I are working on something wonderful!

The Whole Woman Summit is a virtual gathering of women with incredible speakers lined up to encourage, motivate, inspire and inform the whole you. Our talented and brilliant speakers will speak on mind, body, spirit, work, and … Read more...

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Why Lying To Yourself is The Greatest Deception

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deception this woman knows

When the Home Shopping Network (HSN) was very new, my sister and I would watch the show faithfully. We absolutely loved the jewelry segment of the show and who wouldn’t? Amazing gold filigree rings and necklaces. We watched thick gold Figaro bracelets and doorknocker bamboo earrings sellout in minutes.

However, when you’re an unemployed teenager of working class parents, the … Read more...

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