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be afraid

Kobe the Labrador and I go on lots of walks.

Sometimes we go to the dog park.

Other times we stay in the neighborhood.

Fortunately, our neighborhood still has some areas where Kobe can run off leash. The area is lightly wooded with wide open spaces and there are neighbors nearby.

I never gave it a second thought about not walking and running in this area.

It was when I published a photo that someone messaged me to be careful…that it looked pretty scary and how I shouldn’t be out there by myself.

This person was obviously scared enough for the both of us.

Then, I actually became concerned. I thought maybe I shouldn’t be running by myself (never mind Kobe the Labrador). That someone or something could “get me” during my walks.

That’s when this person’s fear tried to overtake me and become my fear.

I refused to let it.

Here’s why. I never walk by myself, I have Kobe the Labrador with me and I carry protection (not saying what kind just know that I am). And it took me a minute to release the fear being pushed on to me. You see, I was taught growing up that the devil is everywhere and we had to always stay alert. Always be on the look out because at any given moment, you could be blind sided by the enemy. Living in a place where you’re always looking for the “BOO!” is no way I wanted to live.

I trust God’s protection, I use wisdom, I carry protection and I live my life. I get to be adventurous and discover beauty and peace I would have never known had I been to scared to explore because something might get me.

Teaching our Children to Be Afraid

I’m not the best swimmer in the world. My husband is but if I can’t breath air and feel the bottom of the pool at the same time, we have a problem.

My fear of the water was unfortunately passed on to both of our children and it’s one of the things I regret. Thankfully, my daughter is getting the grandkids in the water early so they don’t adopt her fear of water. This makes me very happy.

Are there real dangers out there that we should warn our children about?


Should we use wisdom?

Of course.

But should we live in fear and abandon the abundant life promised to us?

Absolutely not.


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