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I’ve journaled off-and-on for the past 20 years.

Some of my journals are leather, some are spiral bound, some I even created myself. I even tried online journaling but didn’t care for the online versions so much. I needed to put pen to paper and write it all out.

What’s wonderful about each of them is that they all contain a piece of my journey, my evolution, my growth.

They chronicle my metamorphosis and admittedly reveal youthful thinking but also reflect my desire to do and be better.

In a recent post, Catrice M. Jackson, M.S., LMHP, LPC shared her mental health recommendations and resources and one item that made the list was journaling.

I can honestly say that journaling has helped me keep my sanity. I have worked through tough issues, I’ve vented, I’ve charged God with all kinds of injustices, I’ve complained, I’ve asked why, I’ve expressed my anger and finally, my gratitude. Through my journaling I’ve been able to see solutions, get new perspectives, and get answers.

One of my greatest sources of joy is reading through an old journal and knowing that whatever was plaguing me at that moment has been conquered and is no longer an issue. My journals are records of God’s faithfulness and my own spiritual and personal development.

Benefits of Journaling

  • Reduces stress. Studies on journaling have shown that when we write about stressful situations it lessens the stressors on our physical bodies. So in short…journaling can help reduce stress.
  • Journaling brings about clarity. I can definitely testify to this. If you’re ever unsure or have a bunch of thoughts running around your head, writing them all out, unedited, often brings about much needed clarity.
  • Resolve issues with others. According to Maud Purcell, LCSW, CEAP, writing about misunderstandings rather than internalizing them can reveal a different point of view and a possible to solution to the conflict you’re experiencing.

Do I journal everyday?


I turn to my journal when I need clarity and certainly when I’m thankful.

This practice of writing it all down has been a big help in my overall health and well-being, even when I wasn’t the perfect picture of health. Journaling was the internal work I needed to do to resolve lots of old issues and hurts and like Catrice, I highly recommend.


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  • Megan says:

    Oh, I love writing in journals too! Though since being a mum I just found it hard to do it in a physical journal for some reason. I think that is one of the reasons I started blogging! I have a big box that stores all of my past journals! One of my favourite things to do is pull them out and look back at today’s date however many years ago and see what I was doing, thinking or feeling and praising God for the way He worked everything out. This is a great post!

    • Thanks Megan! I was sharing with a friend that sometimes I cringe at all the youthful thinking! Thankful for growth and maturity. We do evolve and change more and more into His likeness!

  • I also appreciate journaling and the impact it has had on my life. It both shows my growth, and helped it occur. It’s also the genesis of my blogging. I do have to admit I’m a bit of a notebook junkie. 🙂

    • Melinda, there’s some good blog posts and articles that come out of my journal so I can totally relate to that! I’ve always loved paper. Always. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts here!

  • Heather says:

    I love journalling but unfortunately have gotten a little out of the habit lately. Sometimes I feel like my thoughts and attention to the subject just go by too fast and then I don’t feel like thinking about it anymore – but it would be good for myself to actually slow down long enough to think.

    • Oh you should see the entries from days when my brain is going a thousand miles a minute! The important thing to remember is to get it out of your head (no editing or judging what you write) but to simply write. And if one day’s entry looks more like garbled text…that’s okay. Thanks for coming by!

  • Rosette says:

    I love journaling. Discovered the practice about ten years ago and I like the fact that I can look back at what I was going through and see how far God has brought me. Journaling is indeed therapeutic.

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