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I know the text well.

Ask and it will be given to you.

Seek and you will find.

Knock and the door is opened to you.

I had never considered though, that the thing I seek is also seeking me.

I heard that for the first time over the weekend.

“What you seek is also seeking you.”

All of a sudden I didn’t feel so alone or lopsided in my pursuit.

I know I’m never alone but it can feel very one-sided when you’re going after your dreams and goals.

I recently saw this manifest.

Someone sent me a book in the mail.

I didn’t order it.

I didn’t specifically ask for it by name or title.

It just showed in my mailbox and I still have no idea who sent it.

I stuck the book in my purse and carried it around for at least a good week before I cracked it open.

I couldn’t read through it fast enough once I did.

You see, the book had answers to some questions I had.

Not only was I looking for the solution…the solution was looking for me and landed in my in mailbox.

#ThisWomanKnows God sends the answers and the two of you will connect at exactly the right time.

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