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I went to an early morning networking meeting and there were several panelist who spoke on different topics.

One fellow entrepreneur wanted to know, how do you not take on more than you can handle. How do you know what projects to accept and which ones to reject.

The answer from one of the panelists stopped us all dead in our tracks.

He said:

When you know your no, yes is known. 

The room grew quiet as we all sat and took that in.

This young man was big on purpose and in knowing your why.

He said your purpose will guide you and when you know the things that don’t line up with your purpose, knowing what to say yes to is easy.

That way you don’t commit to things or take on projects that don’t fit your purpose.

Let that sink in.

Do you know when to say yes and when to say no?

Are you committed to things and projects that don’t tie in to what your called to do?

Yes is known when you know your no’s.



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