Want to get hired as a speaker?

The life of a professional speaker can be exciting.

You get to travel, meet new people.

Most important, you get to share your gift and your message and you’re getting paid to do so.

How awesome is that?

If you want to get hired as a speaker there are a few things (well maybe more than a few) you should know and have.

Two things in particular because some conference host/event planners I know shared their frustration and disappointment with previous speakers.

So if you want to get hired as a speaker, according to one event planner, please have a…

Speaker’s One Sheet

Every speaker worth their salt has one of these. It’s one sheet of paper, filled out front and back, and includes:

  • a brief description of your presentation(s)
  • book title(s)
  • a brief bio
  • special appearances
  • testimonials/reviews
  • contact information
  • social media networks
  • your photo

The event planner I spoke with was glad I knew what one was and actually had one. One sheets are a staple for your speaking business.

Here’s an example of my friend John’s and you can view mine here.


Here’s the second must for every speaker. If you want to get a good referral and invited back, according to one conference host, you always…

Speak On Agreed Topic

I’ve attended the conference where the speaker didn’t stay on topic or answer the question and it’s maddening! It seems topics that require you to explain how…how to crotchet a pair of shorts or how to monetize your blog…proves very difficult for some but the audience deserves you put forth your best effort to answer the question and stay on topic. Trust me, your audience wants you to succeed.

I’ve also attended the conference where the speaker not only refused to address the issue but wanted you to buy their program where they would then share the answer. I thought that’s why I bought the ticket to the conference!

You can imagine that this infuriates the event planner/conference host.

One conference host was absolutely livid with a speaker who showed up late and then came with a different presentation. Unfortunately, someone had just finished speaking on the same subject.

Answer the question(s) given to you and make sure you leave your audience wanting more.


Oh, and if you need someone fabulous to help you with your speaker’s one sheet, contact me! I know this incredible designer.  🙂


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