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One thing I’ve learned is that we sincerely need each other.

I know for a fact that the areas where we facilitate change individually, have a collective impact on our society and our world. I’m very fortunate to have come across some amazing women who ooze change, are dynamic teachers and are women who know in their own right.

I met a young woman in her twenties who is in the thick of her personal journey of self-discovery and I was able to connect her with an equally phenomenal blogger who I knew would be able to help her through her growing process.

So today I’m sharing the This Woman Knows (TWK) Top 20 List of Women Empowerment Blogs. These blogs empower women in their various niches and have incredible stories and life lessons to share. Some I know personally…some are bloggers whose words have provided answers when I needed them. So enjoy our very first annual list of wonderful women changing the world…one post at a time.

  1. Jerseygirl, Jesus. Faith with Attitude. Kerry and I met in a Facebook group for Christian women bloggers. It was that Jersey girl attitude that drew me in! She’s got a definite viewpoint when it comes to women and the church and you’ll just have to visit her blog to read her thoughts on the matter. Kerry is a wonderful writer and has created a Christian incubator for writers. Learn more here.
  2. Jory Micah – Breaking the Glass Steeple. I was introduced to Jory’s writings in the same Facebook group I met Kerry. Jory is smart and she’s going after the establishment in regard to women’s roles. Period. She is educated and a serious student of scripture and is an amazing writer.
  3. Just Being LaTara. Who knew we would reconnect some 20 years after we graduated from high school? LaTara is a successful coach and helps women develop thriving businesses. She loves helping women in business heal and move forward from their place of pain to experience extraordinary success! LaTara is also a TWK contributor and we appreciate the wisdom she shares.
  4. UnglueYou. Andréa Watts works with individual and groups of women who are facing life changes and challenges, with the aim of helping them get “unstuck” using the creative collage approach. Her blog focuses on personal development and empowerment and she is also a TWK contributor.
  5. Diana Miret, The Clarity Coach. As a relatively new blogger, Diana is pulling no punches on what it takes to get clear. She is passionate about helping men and women see their thoughts clearly. Because once they do, they unlock the chains around themselves…and they soar. Diana contributes to TWK as well.
  6. The Every Girl. Founded by Danielle Moss and Alaina Kaczmarski, this online resource helps shape the creative, career-driven woman to experience her life better lived. My favorite article gives advice on what to do when your to-do list is trying to kill you. Good stuff.
  7. She Is Fierce. I discovered Kelly Young and her site over a year ago and fell in love with the content immediately. You’ll find stories, photos and videos about career development and entrepreneurialism, motherhood, health, home, style, books and culture, great brands, worthy causes, and anything inspiring or useful to Fierce Women!
  8. Project Eve. Founders Meridith Dennes and Kim Oksenberg believe there’s no better investment for women in business to make than in one another. By offering mentorship, networking, and support to other women as we advance, we effectively bring more women into the business world along with us, correcting the gender imbalance, ensuring equality, increasing opportunity, and empowering each of us to achieve more than ever.
  9. Houston Housewives of Finance. Three Houston women got their financial affairs in order and now share their financial expertise with with women everywhere. Their personal stories will encourage you and their financial savvy will encourage you to build a strong financial house no matter where you’re starting from.
  10. Running A Successful Business, Lara Mfon. Lara, a magazine publisher, entrepreneur and blogger, encourages and equips women with helpful information to assist them in becoming income earners while raising their families or building other careers. She believes in creating and sustaining multiple streams of income and enjoys showing others how to do the same.
  11. One Woman’s Reflection on Awakening, Petra Valica.  This author shares her spiritual journey, how she overcame her bout with depression and encourages women to live their best lives. Petra is also a contributor here at TWK.
  12. Lost In Familiarity. This female blogger travels the world and shares her adventures on her blog. See the world through her eyes and maybe get encouraged to see it all for yourself.
  13. Spookieloo. Jasmine Berry is a Plus Size Enthusiasts, Stylist and Motivator! Her blog brings awareness to all things fashion and motivation in the plus size community. As a woman who has curves and knows the struggle of finding great clothes that fit, she has made it her duty to share with other plus-sized ladies what works!
  14. Gossip From the Girlfriend Gatherings. This blog presents a few of the discussion topics girlfriends typically have when they get together. You’re invited to participate in this “virtual” girlfriend gathering as they share positivity and empower one another to be ALL they can be.
  15. Hello Fear. This is a great annual conference in Houston and the blog empowers women in the areas of personal and spiritual development, fashion and relationships.
  16. Women Are Game Changers. Award-winning blog offering spiritual encouragement for women.
  17. Alexis Jones. Advocate for women, conference host and non-profit founder shares her thoughts on empowering women and showing men how they can advocate on our behalf.
  18. Scissors & Gold. Sudara is passionate about India—where some of the highest estimates of slavery and sex-trafficking anywhere in the world are reported. This organization helps create sustainable jobs for women so they can make their way out of the trade—and stay out. The blog focuses on success stories, travel, food and fashion.
  19. Girl About Tech.  Girl About Tech aims to showcase the best in new technology in the most inclusive way possible. The blog cuts through the jargon, to identify the must-haves from the ‘why bothers?’ and to help you get the most out of your favourite gadgets – whether that’s extending the battery life of your smartphone or making sure you load your washing machine correctly.
  20. SistaSense. LaShanda Henry shares her business and branding expertise with women entrepreneurs and business owners.



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