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The world is all a buzz of the recent drastic transformation made by Rapper Lil’ Kim.

There are many who judge her and there are others who “feel” her. Which one are you? No matter which seat you sit in, the seat of judgment or the seat of compassion, I encourage you to take a deep look into who you are as you take your seat.

You see there’s a little girl Kim in us all. For me, the little girl Denika can completely relate to Kim’s heart story of being criticized by her father and as a result of this initial criticism from the one who, as daddy, she needed to receive validation from, she heard and felt criticism in many of her relationships with men.

Unfortunately, as a result of her struggle to give love and validation to herself, she drew to her experience people who essentially shared her feelings about who she was, or was not.  The strong message here is that we draw to our self that which we believe we are… if we believe we are ugly, we create relationships with those who remind us of that ugliness, in their words and in their actions. If we believe ourselves to be unworthy and un-valuable, we draw to ourselves people who will devalue and demean us.

You see, what you expect you experience and the energy that you project outside of yourself is the same energetic vibration you will draw to yourself. Hence, like attracts like.

Whether you believe you are too dark or not dark enough; too skinny or not skinny enough; you wish your booty was bigger or you wish that you had a smaller one (Lil’ Kim was smart enough to keep hers); you don’t feel smart enough or feel rejected because you are too smart; know that this is no different from the inner struggles that many, many women deal with daily.

The root of it all is not knowing WHO you are. When you don’t know who you are you give the world, and everyone in it, the power to define you. But it’s time for us to take our own power back and know who we are so we can align ourselves with the Divine Feminine Essence of our true nature.


So who are you? What do you see looking back at you when you look at yourself in the mirror? Do you see beauty or do you despise what you see? Do you see the Perfect creation of God or do you devalue and demean the beautiful work of God’s own hand? What does this woman (you) know?

The world needs more love and the only way that we can give more love to the world is by learning how to give more love to ourself.

You ARE beautiful and when you learn to see what I see and more importantly what God sees, you will be amazed by the beautiful creature that you are.

Love thyself and to thine own self be true.

#LilKim #WhoInTheHellDoYouThinkYouAre #FearfullyandWonderfullyMade

Feature photo by: Monique Tatum

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