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It may be surprising to many people that coffee actually has positive effects on our health.  From Alzheimer’s to pain related injuries, coffee can be a huge help in managing a broad spectrum of ailments.  Here Hipster Coffee takes a look at the illnesses which coffee can help.

Eases Pain – As little as two cups of coffee can noticeably help individuals to manage pain better.  People who often work out either at home or at the gym noticed a decrease in their post-work-out pain after drinking two cups of coffee after they have worked out.  Individuals noticed that the pain felt in their muscles gradually reduced from drinking the coffee afterward.

A recent study by the University of Georgia showed that a moderate intake of coffee reduced post-workout pain by 48%.  Another study performed at the University of Alabama found that regular consumption of coffee helped individuals manage their pain better.

Known to reduce inflammation, caffeine is one of the ingredients found in coffee which contributes to pain reduction.  Found in common headache over the counter remedies, caffeine gives a well known ‘buzz’ which is accredited to help these drugs get into your system quicker.  Since caffeine is known to be a central nervous center stimulant, it is known to relax muscles with optimum blood flow to them.

With all of this research suggesting a coffee a day could keep your pain at bay, it may be worthwhile investing in some.

Helps To Protect Us Against Cirrhosis Of The Liver

Coffee has recently been studied and found to help reduce and protect our livers against cirrhosis.  Studies recently conducted state that drinking just two cups of coffee per day can reduce the onset of liver cirrhosis up to 44%.

No matter if you sip on a cup of strong coffee or a decaf alternative, studies have found that both of these drinks control and manage enzymes, bringing them to a lower state within your liver.

May Help Prevent The Onset Of Type 2 Diabetes

Yes, that’s right!  There have been multiple, recent studies performed which have been dedicated to researching the link in risk reduction involved between Type 2 Diabetes and coffee.  However, for those of us wishing to decrease our chances, it will take 6 coffees to reduce our chances by 22%.  The tests showed that each cup of coffee is equivalent to a 9% reduction in the chance of obtaining Type 2 Diabetes while drinking decaf coffee gives a 6% reduction per cup.

Studies that have delved into this area show that the coffee compound ‘cafesol’ (a bio-active compound found in coffee) naturally reduces fasting glucose levels whilst improving insulin sensitivity.

Coffee Can Help With Depression

Coffee is well known for the ‘buzz’ that it provides us while it’s being consumed, however, did you know that coffee may also help increase the likelihood of a positive mood?

There have been many studies performed that have suggested that coffee can indeed help with low to moderate depression.  But how exactly does it help?

It was originally believed that the onset of depression was due to having low serotonin levels.  However, research conducted by a Chinese physician suggests that depression may actually be caused by inflammation to the brain whilst your body is trying to fight an opportunist bug or infection.  The caffeine in the coffee acts quickly to irradiate this which provides the body with an ‘uplifted’ sense.

A study performed at the Harvard School Of Public Health found that women who drink four or more cups of coffee per day were 20% less likely to suffer from depression than those who do not.

Less Risk Of Heart Disease

For individuals who love to drink their coffee, this is great news!  Research has shown us that individuals who drink between 3-to-5 cups of coffee per day are less likely to show any beginning signs of heart disease!

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