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I’m a preacher’s kid who married a preacher’s kid who has actually preached a time or two.

I went to Christian schools as a child and graduated from an all-girl Catholic school.

So it’s fair to say, I’m somewhat familiar with what the Bible has to say about selflessness and pride.

I know about sacrificial giving and Jesus’ admonishment to go over and beyond in your charitable acts. That whole turn the other cheek, go the extra mile and give them your coat too is enough to scare off most would-be Christian converts.

I was taught to work while it’s day which equated to run yourself ragged in the name of the Lord and as a young woman, I remember being torn. I was taught to give selflessly but was never taught to take care of myself and taking care of myself is very biblical.

And if you got sick, well that was God’s way of telling you to slow down and get some rest. So the only time theoretically one could rest is when they got sick.

Before I go on, let me stop and say this is not a church bashing post.

These next few blog posts during the month of February will have to do with what Jesus said…love your neighbor as yourself.

I don’t think this was some off-the-cuff remark given by the Savior.

We’re supposed to love ourselves so we can love others.

My hope is that these next few blog posts bring about balance for the many who are struggling with this idea of loving themselves and being Christian at the same time.

For those who want to walk out their Christianity, not offend scripture and yet not burn out in the process.

By the end of the month, hopefully you’ll be comfortable with the phrase, “I Love Me” and be okay with the idea of taking care of yourself—loving yourself—and know it does not contradict your Christian faith.

Come back tomorrow!


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