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Here we are, within this media-driven age, where we have to be on a constant guard to protect ourselves from spying eyes and prying ears. Here is a must-have for those who want their text to be private and want to keep it that way.

Stay Above the Cloud is an encrypting software. The sender and receiver of the text message can be assured that their PRIVATE MESSAGES will not be intercepted or retrieved from the cloud now, or at any later date.  The TRUE message you send will stay within your phone until you delete it. The TRUE message received will stay within your phone until you delete it.

How it works – write your private message. The software will ask you if you wish to encrypt your message. Choosing yes, the message will be sent as garble to the cloud. The receiving party will see the garble written by the sender and they will have the option of decoding the sensitive message sent to them. A payment of $9.95 will place the app on your phone for the life of that phone. You are welcome to use the app as many times as you wish.

“Stay Above the Cloud” is currently ready for download for any IOS Apple device from the Apple Store. The Android version will follow shortly.

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