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DCF 1.0

My journey as an entrepreneur led me to that moment in her office and it changed everything.

Blinders fell and my eyes were opened. It was the mother of all aha moments.

In the words of my beloved, I’d been digging at a well that had quit producing years ago. If you know the bible story of Elijah being cared for by a raven near a brook, you’ll understand when I say…the brook had long dried up and that raven was no where in sight.

I should have moved long ago but I didn’t want to let go. I couldn’t believe that “this place” wasn’t going to produce.

I tried to make it work.

Really. I did.

But the thing about a dry well is this, no matter what you do, it will not give you water. It will not satisfy you or nourish you. It will leave you frustrated and parched.

I thought about how stubborn…how set in our ways we humans can be. We refuse to change even though we’re not getting the results we want. Not by a long shot!

I was a bit heartbroken that “here” wasn’t it. That I’d have to let this place go. But success said I needed to turn around and do something different.

So here I am, out on a new  digging expedition and let me tell you..the prospects look really good.

#ThisWomanNOWKnows when it’s time to go…it’s time to go and it really is for your good.

Don’t hold on to what was, embrace what is so you can move forward.

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