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Here’s what I know for sure.

In order to be healed, in order to receive help sometimes you have to do something uncomfortable like take medicine that tastes really awful or endure procedures that are extremely painful.

It also means that you have to expose what’s not right to someone else so they can help you. Fearing exposure only keeps you in a place or situation you don’t want to be in.

I did that last week.

I invited Regina of Serenity Cleaning Services into my space and introduced her to the inner sanctum of my home…you know the areas visitors NEVER see.

I had to expose my not so pretty parts so she could assess them and show me how it could be better.

Regina was very kind, told me my home was not in bad shape and is going to help me get organized and restore certain parts of my home to their original glory.

True to her word, there really is no judgement, no shaming, because she’s really in this business to help reintroduce order and peacefulness back to your home.

So my first appointment is coming up and I’m pretty excited.

Things can get better once you expose those areas of your life to someone more knowledgeable than you who genuinely care about your well being and want to see you whole.

What needs to be exposed in your life? Your finances? Your relationships? Your home? Your office?

There are people out there who can help.

Need help connecting? Message me and I’ll see how I can help.


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