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Every good thing that has happened in your life, happened because something changed.

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We all get caught up in our own self doubt at times, however choosing to remain stuck in your head and in your thoughts, will only serve to hinder you from gaining momentum and moving forward. Remember…whatever you see is what you will say and whatever you say is what you will see. Your perception, or the way you see it will determine your reality or the way you experience it.

In order to move out of your head space, you have to set an intention to connect to your heart space, that inner knower, that part of you that knows that no matter what happens, everything will work out as it should.

The hardest part of doing something is making the decision to do it. Change will never have an opportunity to take effect until a decision to change is made. We often allow thoughts to take up too much of our time. Thoughts are tricky things that once entertained take root and most often take over. Rather than allowing thoughts to run marathons in your mind, try making a commitment to a decision to act and move forward.

What’s one small change you could make right now that would take you in the direction you need to go. A decision to change that you know making, could take you in a new direction in your life?


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“Progression will never be found on the road of complaints.” -Denika Carothers

Change requires taking action and though many fear change and most don’t like change, change is something that we all can depend on happening in our lives. Change occurs all around us daily and the longer we live the more changes we will inevitably experience.

Whenever we take a chance and enter unfamiliar territory, or put ourselves out into the world in a new way, it can be scary. Very often we allow our fear of change, or our fear of the “unknown” to obstruct us from moving ahead into possibly bigger and better opportunities and experiences. The trick is to know that Change catapults us into success.  Think about it…every good thing that has happened in your life happened because something changed.

Ready to move from stuck to success?  Then change your mind.


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