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In theory overflow and abundance sound wonderful.

There aren’t too many people I know who oppose the concept and declare they’re ready for the overflow.

But think about it.

Are you really willing to stretch yourself to receive more? Handle more?

Abundance and overflow come with responsibilities.

Do you inwardly know this and sabotage the tent enlarging process

Whether it’s tonight’s estimated $1.5 billion Powerball Jackpot, a higher position on your job or a big client for your business, are you really ready for more or inwardly does the thought of more terrify you?

Do you battle feelings of worthiness and tell God “no thank you, that’s really enough” by your actions and unwillingness to prepare?

Something to consider.

What are you willing to receive?

What’s too big? What’s too much? Who said so?

Can you really stand to be blessed?



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