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I paid my nutritionist a visit because I wanted answers.

All of a sudden, my weight loss had stalled.

For three months the scale did not budge and I was livid!

I told her my caloric intake was within proper range.

I had just run three miles in 30 minutes for the first time ever.

I was feeling great, looking great but the scale wasn’t moving and I wanted to know why.

She sat very patiently and listened to me rant.

When I was done, she asked me one question, “Lisa, how old are you?”

“Forty-seven,” was my reply.

She went on to tell me that while the cardio was nice, I was going to have to weight train to get the scale to move.

So I decided to ask around, interview a few people.

I met Sharlotta Spencer, a nurse practitioner and weight loss surgery patient like myself, and she addressed all the concerns women have about weight training.

Watch her interview is below.

Sharlotta and my nutritionist both tell me that women over 40 begin to lose muscle mass and muscle is what you need in the war against fat. This is especially true if you’ve had weight loss surgery.

So there you have it.

If you’ve only got 20 minutes to workout and weight/fat loss is the goal…go for the weight training.

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  • Cordelia says:

    Great article and great point Lisa! Although I have been using weight training for years, since entering my forties, I have been all about increasing my weights. The heavier the weights, the shorter the workout for me. However, I maintain my healthy weight. On that note not crazy about weighing myself more than once a month. Your body composition is in flux and not a true measure of health.

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