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Life throws us all curve balls but when that curveball impacts your health and you’re a visionary, how do you pivot? Jamesina Greene of A Mother’s Cry shares her story of overcoming depression, a stroke, a botched surgery, and a Sarcoidosis diagnosis.

She talks about the importance of social media in her life and how her passion didn’t change—just how she accomplishes her goals.

About Jamesina:

Jamesina Greene is a powerful voice full of compassion and sincerity. Known for her transparency and honest approach to life, she is the Founder of “A Mother’s Cry” which is a community-based outreach and advocacy organization whose mission is to support families affected by social inequalities and injustices, including the immediate need for prison reform in this Country.

As a part of her passion, she also serves as a Board Member for the Ruby A. Neeson Diabetes Foundation, which is a non-profit Diabetes organization providing awareness and prevention for those dealing with Diabetes.

Jamesina is the Founder and Host of the “Let’s Talk Destne Talk Show” which has a purpose-driven format and has earned her the name, “Purpose Advocate.” Also, she is an award-winning Author; playwright, and songwriter. A proud and loving Mother and Grandmother, Jamesina is a voice for those who feel voiceless and her desire is that through consistency and transparency about her life Journey, she will help to validate the Voices of those who are not being heard.

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