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There are no statistics on the number of Black Americans who have left the United States for safety and a better, slower way of life.

At least two dozen Facebook groups are dedicated to Black expats—people who have made the move and are happy to share their experiences.

Tamir Rice—the young man killed by a police officer as he played in the park with a toy gun—would have turned 21 on June 25.

Today’s guest, Whitney Knox Lee is an attorney advocate, mom, and podcast host. We talk about raising Black sons in the United States and contemplating whether or not to stay or leave.

We talk about having to juggle self-care on top of all of the other responsibilities.

Whitney and I talk about the gun culture and what would have to happen to take Blaxiting off the table.

It’s a conversation between two Black mothers and all the things that concern us about raising children and being Black in the U.S.

Enjoy the show.

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