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The Texas Ministry Conference was designed for nonprofits, churches/ministries and schools to receive affordable training, workshops and encouragement for staff and leaders.

Lisa will be teaching three workshops at this years’ conference.

Exercising Forgiveness – (Session B) There’s the oh-so-familiar church hurt, and then there’s the hurt inflicted by those we love. The idea of forgiving and simply getting over it is easier said than done. Workshop attendees will be able to understand that healing and forgiveness is possible  after being wounded, and what can be practiced for one’s own health and spiritual and natural well-being.

I Love Me! – (Session C) The Bible teaches that we are to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. If that’s the case, some of our neighbors should be very concerned! This workshop will tackle the ideas of selfishness vs. selflessness; putting others before ourselves; and what it really looks like to take care of ourselves without all the guilt and still be a follower of Christ.

Marriage and Ministry – (Sessions A, D) What in the world do you do when both spouses are called to lead in ministry? The marriage, the ministry, and the kids – how can you manage it all? In this interactive workshop Lisa shares God’s ideal plan for sustaining both the marriage and ministry, and practical truths learned over 25 years of marriage and six years of senior leadership alongside her husband.

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