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My life changed when I acknowledged that what God had gifted me to do was good. I could command any networking meeting with my 30-second commercial, “My name is Lisa Alexander and I am The Marketing Stylist®.” from This Woman Knows

Don’t get me wrong, there are times I get a bit apprehensive about going into new environments. Remember I mentioned the time about almost walking out of an event? Well, I was invited to a networking event and none of the people I knew associated with this group were there. I got there late, everybody had settled into their groups and the presenter was knee deep into his presentation. I stayed, talked to a few people and hurried to the elevator. That’s when I stopped myself and had a stern talk with myself. I had driven all that way, gotten all dolled up and there was no way I was leaving without making a connection.

So I marched myself right up to the president of the organization, introduced myself, told him I was new to the group and who did he think I should get to know. The president took me around the room and introduced me to the key players.

Even though fear almost got the better of me, because I knew who I was, I was able to pull myself together, tap into my core and network like a pro.

In the She Knows program, I along with a team of experts, help women who know continue their investment in their personal and professional growth and development.

shutterstock_170304203This year-long program will cover:

  • Business and Money
  • Family Life
  • Heath and Spirituality
  • Dealing with Failure/Loss
  • Personal Growth & Development

You’ll receive:

  • Access to weekly calls with myself and my team
  • 24/7 access to myself and team through private Facebook group
  • One hour,  one-on-one private coaching session per quarter with me
  • Opportunity to build personal network with other women who know
  • Business listing in This Woman Knows Magazine
  • Discount to Live Events

Reserve your space today and lock in early bird pricing of just $97/month!

Prepay for the entire year and pay only $997 and we’ll give you a half page ad in This Woman Knows!

Program starts Monday, October 6, 2014. 8 PM CDT.

Early bird pricing ends August 31, 2014

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