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Alexander Farm and Orchard – Handmade Natural Soaps

Our Story

This year we had a surplus of cucumbers from our backyard garden that we lovingly call Alexander Farm and Orchard. We grow okra, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries and of course cucumber. We have a few citrus trees and we plant just enough to sustain our family. 

Well, I planted way too many cucumber plants and had a surplus.

So I decided to make soap out of them. My goal was to give them to our clients as thank you gifts. Well, once I posted the picture, orders started coming in!

I’m even pulling my dad out of retirement to help because of the response. 

So our family thanks you for your support! 


Our Soaps

Our soaps are all handmade, hand cut and are free of animal products. They are unscented unless otherwise noted and are great for people with sensitive skin. Because each batch is homemade and ingredient sources vary, variations will happen from batch-to-batch. One batch of Golden Girl Soap may be darker than another because a darker honey was used.

Ingredients you’ll find in our soaps (depending on the soap of course):

Distilled Water, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Cocoa Butter, Cucumber Puree, Mint, Honey, Sweet potato, Ground cinnamon, Lemon zest, Coffee, Cocoa Powder, Sodium Hydroxide, Essential Oils

Sarah’s Soap – She is the first and eldest female relative listed in my family tree born in 1765. This Bastille soap is in her honor. Bastille soap is a mixture of olive oil, coconut oil, water, and lye. I also add a bit of honey to this recipe. Perfect for babies and those with sensitive skin.

Taylor-Made Soap – Named after my grandmother, Ira Taylor Price Brown. Affectionately known as Nana Brown, this soap is made of cucumbers and aloe vera from our garden. Nana Brown swore by the healing properties of aloe vera and so this soap is in her honor. 

The Betty Bar – Named after my sweet grandmother Betty. This is my sweet potato and cinnamon soap. Made with sweet potato puree, cocoa butter, and shea butter.

The Golden Girl – Named after my beloved sister Jessica. I infuse olive oil with lemon zest to make this pretty golden bar. Also made with shea butter and honey.


Introducing our hemp, shea butter, green tea, and honey soap named Jamie’s Bar! This soap also includes kaolin clay for an incredible lather. Jamie’s Bar is named after a dear friend, Jamesina Greene. What a fighter she is! Her online presence doesn’t reveal a life lived in chronic pain. She keeps her Facebook audience entertained as she battles constant pain and sarcoidosis. This soap is in her honor and for all those fighting and living through their pain.

For a Limited Time!

Our Woke Bar is made of hazelnut coffee and cocoa! Shea butter and cocoa butter make this a rich and luxurious bar! When these sell out…they’re gone! Eight bars will be ready to ship November 15. Order yours today!

For a Limited Time!

Get ready for the holidays with our orange and clove-scented soap! It’s our Bastille soap with orange and clove essential oils added. This bar’s spiced scent will make you think of spiced ciders on a cool autumn day! When these sell out…they’re gone. Bars will be ready to ship November 15. Order yours today!

For a Limited Time!

This bar is in honor of my momma! Bishop Gwendolyn P. Mack. Momma was born on Christmas day and it was only fitting to have a Christmas bar with her favorite scents, Frankincense and Myrrh! The Bishop’s Bar will be ready to ship November 15. Twenty-four bars available. This is a seasonal bar. Order yours today because once it’s gone…it’s gone till the following year.


Introducing our Pink Himalayan Salt soap! This soap exfoliates the skin, won’t dry your skin and has a rich lather. The longer it sits, the better this bar gets! Only 12 bars made! They’ll be ready to ship in time for the holidays. Order yours today!


Introducing our oatmeal, cinnamon, honey soap, The Riley Bar—lovingly named after our granddaughter. Also made with kaolin clay, this bar has a rich lather. It’s unscented but close your eyes and breathe in and you’ll smell the cocoa butter and cinnamon. Ready to ship December 3, just in time for the holidays!

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