It started out as a book title and then a mantra of sorts.

I realized it was important for women to know their value, their worth after reading Proverbs 31 for like the one-millionth time.

For the first time, one verse stood out from all the others.

She perceived her merchandise was good.

That’s pretty powerful.

She knew.

Because once you know, no one can take advantage of you in the marketplace or workplace. No one can tell you it’s not because you know it is.

You know your value. You know what you produce has value and you’re not afraid or ashamed to ask fair market price for it.

I didn’t realize it but a movement was born.

Now women who know and women who want to know come together to celebrate and be empowered.

From This Woman Knows came Put It Out There. Because once you know, now it’s time to put it (whatever your it is) out there. There are people waiting on you!

So welcome to this fabulous network of women!

Women who know and who are moving through fear to put it out there!

And now you’re one of them!


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