I Love Me

Loving Me Means I Get To Speak My Truth

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Here’s what I know for sure…when you’re non-confrontational and a little bit of a passive aggressive…people will speak all manner of crazy to you because they know you won’t verbally respond. They may have their work/project sabotaged later but you wouldn’t dare speak your mind because somehow it’s not Christ-like to be confrontational but sabotage/getting even is OK?

If you’re …

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Loving Me Means Forgiving You

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I don’t know of a single person who has not been hurt by another and needed to forgive.

Some infractions are minor; others are catastrophic like abuse or molestation.

That action violated us, wounded us and caused a flood of emotions like anger, revenge, sadness and despair.

Some actions against us caused deep pain and resulted in self-mutilation or self-hurt.… Read more...

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