Misdirected Hustle and the Blessing of Obedience [Video]

When I say the word, “Hustle” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

This word means different things to different people and for many, the word leaves a bad taste in their mouth and insults their faith.

Hustle then becomes something you do to make something happen. Or it’s what happens to someone who promises everything and delivers nothing.

My misdirected hustle cost me because I believe you must put in the work. However, that work has to be pointed, focused and targeted.

My hubby shared this video with me and I wanted to share it with you. To me it perfectly exemplifies what hustle looks like and what being obedient looks like.


Lisa N. Alexander is the author and founder of This Woman Knows and Put It Out There! 5 Steps to Kick Fear’s Butt and Move Your Dream Forward. She is a women’s leadership speaker and marketing consultant known as The Marketing Stylist™. She speaks on topics ranging from women’s empowerment to successfully marketing your business and uses her wit and humor to inform and entertain audiences. For booking information please visit www.LisaNAlexander.com.

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