Dove Asks, Average or Beautiful?

I really am a huge fan of Dove’s latest messaging.

This recent one on labels was especially insightful.

We humans like to categorize things…label things.

Sometimes the labels given to us were never true but we adopted them as truth.

What’s beautiful is that we all have choices and we can choose to redefine ourselves.

So given the choice what door would you choose? Average or beautiful?

Lisa N. Alexander is the author and founder of This Woman Knows and Put It Out There! 5 Steps to Kick Fear’s Butt and Move Your Dream Forward. She is a women’s leadership speaker and marketing consultant known as The Marketing Stylist™. She speaks on topics ranging from women’s empowerment to successfully marketing your business and uses her wit and humor to inform and entertain audiences. For booking information please visit


  • Joan Hall says:

    It appeared that people were more likely to walk through the “Average” door when they were alone, and more likely to walk through the “Beautiful” door when they were with others. Interesting.

    • SheKnows says:

      Positive peer pressure? Group influence? Great observation Joan. It’s what we do privately or when we think no one is looking that is most telling. Thanks for dropping by the site and commenting. It’s much appreciated!

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