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What Really Happens In The Bathroom?

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When you think of a bathroom, rather public or private, many different things or events may come to mind. It is a place designed and known for relieving oneself, showering or bathing, or beautifying oneself. More recent, the bathroom has become known as a place for checking missed calls, perusing through emails, or checking text messages. But for most women, … Read more...

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‘Dear Body’: An Emotionally Drained Fat Girl’s Truce and Love Letter to Her Body

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My fat days were coming to an end as the curvy body positivity movement started to make its away into our social media feeds and onto our TVs. There was Gabourey Sidibe’s sexy love scene on the TV show ‘Empire.’ Ashley Graham, a plus-sized model, graced the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine—the swimsuit edition! Then curvy yoga became a thing … Read more...

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Loving Me Means I Get To Speak My Truth

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Here’s what I know for sure…when you’re non-confrontational and a little bit of a passive aggressive…people will speak all manner of crazy to you because they know you won’t verbally respond. They may have their work/project sabotaged later but you wouldn’t dare speak your mind because somehow it’s not Christ-like to be confrontational but sabotage/getting even is OK?

If you’re …

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Loving Me Means Forgiving You

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I don’t know of a single person who has not been hurt by another and needed to forgive.

Some infractions are minor; others are catastrophic like abuse or molestation.

That action violated us, wounded us and caused a flood of emotions like anger, revenge, sadness and despair.

Some actions against us caused deep pain and resulted in self-mutilation or self-hurt.… Read more...

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Buried or Set in Platinum, A Diamond is a Diamond

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Diamonds are still diamonds even when they’re buried deep in the earth. They still have value, their brilliance…all still there…is just waiting to be discovered and recognized for its beauty. Just because it’s buried and no one can see or appreciate it makes it any less brilliant or beautiful or valuable.

The same could …

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