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What they didn’t tell you about relationships, self-help and self-love

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Here’s the thing.

What the self-help books, enlightened folk, and sages of our day may not always tell you is that once you get healed…

Once your eyes are opened…

Once you’re no longer seeing and reacting to life through the lens of your past hurt…

That some of the relationships you forged in your hurt state, don’t suit you … Read more...

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Not Every Woman Will Say Me Too Publicly and That’s Okay

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Were you shocked by the number of women who said #metoo?

Watching the number of women raise their voice was like watching an avalanche race down a mountain. This avalanche has been good for women. You can’t argue with the sheer number of voices all singing the same refrain. This chorus has been loud. It has been boisterous and unrelenting. … Read more...

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Keep Going: Female Cyclist Introduces Sport to Jordanian Women

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Batoul Arnaout is a name you may not know, but she is an example of what a strong woman looks like. After growing up playing sports, she had an injury that prevented her from using her elbow, but she didn’t let that stop her. Below you will see a powerful documentary about how she took that setback and turned it Read more...

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Now Or Never: How To Implement The Change You Want To See

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We are all familiar with the routine as we approach the 31st of December. People everywhere become overwhelmed with preparing for the new year and developing resolutions that they have commanded they will keep. Dates are being set for the next vision board party and excitement fills the air.  It’s so exciting to be able to come together with … Read more...

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As We Head into 2017, Ask Yourself Whose Truth Are You Living?

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Who Am I?

living your truth

I was asked a question several years ago during an entrepreneurship training that truly resonated with me. The question was “Whose truth are you living”?  When first asked, I struggled with being able to provide the facilitator with a response; a response of my own.

When I was very young, I was instructed on what I would … Read more...

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Writer, Film Producer Share Stories of Women Empowerment in Jordan

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Two women I know, one is a dear friend, the other is a new acquaintance both just got back from the Middle East—Jordan to be exact. And even though these two women don’t know each other, their accounts of the region are very similar. Especially when speaking about the women of the region including Syrian “guests” living in Jordan. Jordanians … Read more...

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