Avoid Scammers! Get Free Help to Avoid Foreclosure

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A family member called me because they suspected something wasn’t quite right about the series of threatening phone calls they’d been receiving.

They told me that the “IRS” had been calling, harassing them for money, threatening to come to their job and have them arrested.

I eased their fears and told them it was a scam.

I told them that …

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Naked Truth: Church Girl Loves Money

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My naked truth series continues.

I’ll be honest, I was relunctant to put this one out there.

You’ll understand why once you view.

Here it is, my naked truth…This Church Girl Loves Money.

Let’s work together to create a healthy relationship with money, increase your income and get you out of debt.



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The Naked Truth: It Takes Money

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I’m beginning a series called The Naked Truth.

This series is meant to be transparent and honest in regard to business and money (and whatever else comes to mind).

Here’s the video that started it all. The Naked Truth I reveal?

It takes money.

Join Total Life Changes and build capital for your passion!



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