Lace and Lace Fronts Are Not Your Grandmother’s Wigs

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Her trip had come to an end and it was time to say goodbye. As we made our way to the airport we made a strategic stop to one of my…


Michael Sta. Maria: Couture Fashion Born Out Of Tragedy

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Sometimes, beautiful things emerge from tragic events. This is especially true for Filipino nursing professor Michael Sta. Maria. He has the ultimate when life throws you lemons make lemonade kind of story….


The Whole Woman Summit is Set for March 2017

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We’re not ready to name drop yet but Kerry Connelly—Christian writer, speaker and coach— and I are working on something wonderful! The Whole Woman Summit is a virtual gathering of…


Avoid Scammers! Get Free Help to Avoid Foreclosure

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A family member called me because they suspected something wasn’t quite right about the series of threatening phone calls they’d been receiving. They told me that the “IRS” had been calling, harassing them for money,…